You have likely spent many hours researching online, trying to find an effective way to capture new clients. SEO for lawyers can offer plenty of benefits for legal professionals hoping to boost their Google rankings. As a legal professional, there are numerous search engine optimization techniques that you can adopt to market yourself online. The problem that most attorneys face is that they are constantly looking for tactics to capture more clients, and fail to identify a strategy to create a flow of steady clients. One of the best strategies that will help you achieve this is search engine optimization for lawyers. An effective SEO is an essential tool for businesses that rely on the Internet for their customer base.

For lawyers, keywords should incorporate the name of the law firm, the area of practice and the place in which the business is engaged. Lawyers should clearly indicate their geographical location before they can boost their SEO rankings for towns and cities. When someone looks for a specific legal service in a town or a city, they are more likely to find you when your keywords link your area of practice to your geographical location. Too many times we speak with attorneys who are focused on keywords that are not important or relevant to their practice. Being clear and precise with your strategy will capture higher placement and better results.

Take a moment and think about your practice and your market. Do you practice DUI law in Washington DC? If you are not, just substitute your area of practice with the city you work in. For our client listed in the video above, some of the keywords we focused on were:

Search engine optimization for lawyers is also dependent on how functional and user-friendly your website is. Using relevant keywords to speak to the audience and strike a chord with them by detailing all of the legal services you provide. Use link building to build your status as the ‘authority’ in your field, which will boost your visitors and your SEO for lawyers ranking.

In an industry filled with all types of attorneys, search engine optimization for lawyers allows you to remain important and relevant to the search engines, resulting in higher placements on the search engines, and increased sales. Avoid using specific legal terms or words excessively and try to come up with as many synonyms as you can to avoid repeating phrases. To expand your online marketing further, consider uploading videos or PowerPoint presentations, in addition to your SEO for lawyers content.

Keep your website flowing with new content and interesting blog posts on a regular basis to increase your SEO rankings even further. Try to measure your SEO ranking through Google Analytics to observe your trends and identify any room for improvement. All in all, SEO for lawyers and law firm search engine optimization is a cost-effective strategy to improve your online presence that can maximize your profits if done properly. Please check out the latest testimonial video from Michael Bruckheim, and learn about his experiences with Hit Me SEO over the last year.