New golf products are launched each year with the hopes of becoming the next “must have” golf instructional aid. Thousands of products are introduced each year, but only a handful make it to the shelves of Dick’s Sporting Goods, and only a couple make it to the pages of Edwin Watts or Golfsmith. Why it is that some products succeed and others don’t? Obviously the biggest factor is whether or not the product works.  Another important factor is the exposure a product receives after it has been introduced to the public.  Let us introduce SEO for golf products, the ability to create brand awareness for your new golf product.

Why is SEO so important when launching my products?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the science of creating a web page, and having it rank highly on the pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, in the organic sections. Organic listings are the free listings directly below the pay per click ads on a Google Search Page. Although they are free, it is not easy to climb to the top of those listings. In the world of golf it is next to impossible to rank highly, unless you know what you are doing, or are working with a company that understands this technology.

You don’t understand, my product really can drop your handicap overnight!

Lets assume that you recently created a product that can help golfers lower their handicap by 8 strokes overnight.  The first obstacle that you will need to overcome is that most people will not believe your claim. It seems like every product that is launched can lower your handicap or increase your drives by 60 yards. People don’t believe most of the claims, so they immediately perceive your product as a hoax. You need to find a way to get people to believe that what you are offering is for real, and is worth the $19.99, $49,99, or $97 you are charging. There are a few key steps you can take to convert more viewers into buyers.

Appearance is Everything!

First, make sure your website looks professional and appears trustworthy to your target audience.  You know that your product will deliver the expected results, but if the searcher jumps off of your site too quickly, you will never have a chance to make the sale.  You may have the best product in the world, but if your website looks like it took 15 minutes to create, you probably will chase more potential customers away than you will convert into a client. SEO for golf products includes making sure that your website has trust indicators throughout. These trust indicators are everything from your company name, address, and phone number, to logos from the Better Business Bureau, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube logos, plus any other company that can endorse your product publicly.  Don’t give your new potential customer a reason to doubt your product or service.

Has anyone else tried this new product or will I be the first?

SEO for golf also focuses on the use of testimonials throughout the website. Testimonials from actual people that have used your product and achieved the desired results, are going to your best sales pitch.  Using the words from actual clients that have seen incremental improvements, are going to have the biggest impact on your audience.  Make the testimonials accurate and believable, and use the name of the person when possible. Do you really believe the informercial from the one guy who makes 50,000 a month in his underwear because he bought a study at home real estate guide?

If every person who uses your product cuts 9 strokes off of their handicap, why are the pros not endorsing it?   You should have Tiger and Rory pitching your product if it is that good.  Showing one person who dropped 10 strokes, another that dropped 7, and a 3 handicap that dropped to a 1 in a month is realistic.  If you focus your SEO for golf properly, this information is going to end up in front of people that want to believe this information, and want the same success.

Additionally, people don’t want to have buyers remorse. They want to see that they are not the first person to try this product, and they don’t want to throw away their money. Golfers have no problem spending the cash as long as the claims are true.

Will videos help my SEO for golf?

Another way to offer validation is through the use of video testimonials. One of our clients, Peak Golf Fitness used our SEO for golf products and achieved outstanding results.

Jason and the folks at Peak Golf Fitness were more than happy to supply us with a video stating that we did wonders for their business. Use video whenever possible, just like we are in this page. If you see a real person stating that Hit Me SEO has done wonders for their golf business, you are likely to believe it.

There are so many different ways you can utilize SEO for golf products. Utilizing social media is a great branding opportunity and can get the information out quickly to a large audience. The first step in finding out how well your website appears to the search engines is by checking out your score at Test My Site.  This free tool will give you a quick snapshot of your website in the eyes of the search engine.

If you have launched the next “must have” golf product, give us a call. We would love to help you get great exposure, and be one of the first people to try the product. If it wasn’t for this darn day job, we would be playing golf in Myrtle Beach.