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We get your website ranked at the top of the search engines for the keywords your new clients are searching for online. We will help you leap over your competitors on the front page of Google.

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Our services will help you break into new markets that you may have overlooked. Our strategies will drive more clients than any other form of online advertising.

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Partnering with Google allows us to provide you with the best possible results.

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Google Local

We get your business listed on the front page of Google Local Results to capture market share in your community.

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On Page Optimization

Missing one component of your On Page SEO can be the difference between a number one listing or being on page two. We Will Get You There!

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Off Page Strategies

The way people and other sites interact with your brand defines your site’s importance. We help you become the authority within your industry.

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Social Media Interaction

We provided your clients with another way to interact and communicate with your brand online, a key element to your social media success.

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Why Hit Me SEO?

As a business owner, you are likely confronted with a variety of issues and problems on a daily basis. Dealing with employees, payroll, customer service, and sales growth just to name a few.

Are you the most qualified person to handle SEO, online marketing, advertising, lead generation, and client acquisition?  Wouldn’t it make sense to hire a professional to handle all your internet marketing instead of adding it to your never-ending list of responsibilities? Here are just a few things we provide:

  • Return on Investment (ROI) – we make your money work for you by increasing the number of people that see your brand and improving the rate at which they convert clients
  • Personal Service – When you call Hit Me SEO you’re not going to get an answering service. You’ll know all of our names, all of our voices, and if we’re fortunate, all of our faces!
  • Results Driven – SEO is an ongoing, iterative process. We schedule regular, goal-driven meetings with all of our clients to review results and make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Cutting Edge Technology – our partnerships in SEO communities keep us up to date on the latest strategies and techniques to improve overall performance.

We are a Maryland SEO Company and we will take that work off of your plate, and do a better job than you thought possible.  Don’t settle for mediocre, partner with the best of the best…..Hit Me SEO.

Our Rankings Speak For Themselves

Here are just a few examples of areas where we have achieved top organic rankings. We can do the same thing for you.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Today, 8 months later, I cannot be more ecstatic and blessed to have found and hired this company Hit Me SEO. All the staff members are pleasant and never make you feel like you do not matter. They always give 110 percent of their attention to you when you are contacting them."

− Tommy Gatzent

"They were able to turn our website and rankings around from a terrible situation and their work so far has instilled a great amount of confidence in their methods and knowledge. We are excited to work with Hit Me SEO on a long term strategy for our website and Internet exposure"

− Livingston & Loeffler

"In less than a month, WE NOW HAVE 448 #1 SPOTS ON GOOGLE!!!. When I looked at our results for the first time, I thought it was a joke. Nearly everything we targeted is on the front page of Google. Our goal was to achieve high organic listings for keywords that were most important to our business, and Hit Me SEO did just that in record time. The customer service is outstanding and every request is handled promptly and professionally. "

− Andy Stern

"Just wanted to reach out to let you know you guys are doing a tremendous job. When I decided to bring Hit Me SEO on our team, our rankings for our busy practice areas were at a low point; I believe as a result of a google update. Here we are, a little over two months later, and call volume for a number of our practice areas is as busy as ever. We are looking forward to what the future has to offer with Hit Me SEO's services. Thanks for your help and commitment to our campaign."

− Matt L.

"We have been working with Hit Me SEO for several months now and are extremely pleased with the outstanding job they have done. The exposure our company has been receiving is incredible and we owe it all to Tim and his staff.
In the first month of working with Hit Me Seo, we received 8 NEW CLIENTS. In subsequent months, we couldn't keep up with the amount of work that was coming into our office. We are currently in the process of increasing our staffing needs. It's unbelievable!!
Hit Me SEO has provided us with great results, most importantly, the customer service and responsiveness is bar none. Tim and his staff respond to any immediate concerns or questions immediately. I am truly looking forward to working with this company for years to come! They are good, honest, hard-working people."

− Gina Chung

"Hit Me SEO has been absolutely outstanding in all facets of their service. They completely redesigned the text of my website to ensure that I was consistently at the top of Google rankings. They also have been vital to my practice through their hosting of my website and providing invaluable assistance to me. Their customer service is supreme. Tim is always responsive to my requests and needs and he works extremely hard for me. I could not imagine another company handling my website business. I would wholeheartedly recommend Hit Me SEO to any company seeking to increase its exposure on the web. You will not be disappointed."

− Michael Bruckheim

"I switched my pay per click campaign over the Hit Me Seo over a year ago as I was not happy with how my campaign was performing. Last year was my highest grossing year since I started my own practice 7 years ago and this year is surpassing last. Keep up the great work!"

− Matthew Martin

The 3 Secrets To Growing Your Business Year After Year


Your business can be simplified into 3 components. It doesn’t matter if you are a small local mom-and-pop shop, or a world-wide brand with an amazing reputation like Apple, Google, Amazon, Coca-Cola or McDonalds. Every business can focus on these three factors, and see a steady increase in business year after year, and generate high ROI, that can be measured, tweaked, and improved upon. When you think about all of the things you must do on a daily basis concerning the management of your business, it may be hard to comprehend that just three components go into the success and growth of your company. By understanding this core principal, and applying strategies to improve upon each area, you can expect to see double digit sales growth year after year. The three components are your product or service, traffic, and conversion.

Your Product Or Service

Of the three components, this is the most constant of the three, and the one that we are not as concerned with when it comes to Internet marketing. You found this website because you are looking for a company to market your product or your service online, and generate a leads through your website. Not to say your product or service cannot be improved upon, but we are not looking to help you design or launch a new product or a new service. We want to help market your existing one.

If you own a business, you either provide a product or you supply a service. If you provide a product, you are supplying someone with something they are willing to pay for. You may sell jewelry, grass seed, office furniture, or tools. When you think of companies that provide a product you probably think of companies like Target, Wal-Mart, or Home Depot. Sales are made when the product goes from the supplier to the consumer. New products can be created, and old products can be re-invented and re-marketed, but at the end of the day, you are a supplier of a tangible product.

If you provide a service, you are helping someone when they are in need. You may provide towing services, water-proofing, drunk driving defense, SEO services, automotive repair, plastic surgery, or emergency services of some kind. People are willing to pay for your services and your expertise in fixing their problem.

For simplification, you must understand you are a supplier of a service, or you supply a product.

Generating Website Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business. In order for people to purchase your product or service, they must know about your product or service. Businesses spend millions of dollars a year on marketing and advertising, all with the intent of making more people aware of the particular product or service. The more traffic you have to your brick and mortar business or your website, the more opportunities you have to increase your potential sales. The math is pretty simple when it comes to traffic. The more people that become aware of what you have to offer, the higher the chances people will buy what you have to offer. Increasing the traffic to your website, landing page, or store-front is going to give you a higher probability of making the sale.

Which would your prefer…..500 visitors per month interested in what you have to offer, or 5,000 of these same visitors? This should be a pretty simple answer. 5,000 visitors is going to give you many more opportunities to sell your product or service. Even if your website design is horrible, and you haven’t added a clear call to action, your odds of making a sale increase with each new visitor that lands on your website, or enters your place of business. Improve your odds of success by improving your traffic.

Converting Visitors to Clients

A conversion is turning a potential client, into a paying client. This can happen at a store front when a new customer walks in the door, and purchases your product or service. This conversion process also happens online when someone lands on your landing page or website, and goes from an interested prospect to a paying client. If the quality of your traffic increases, you improve your conversion rate, you will improve your bottom line and increase your revenue.

The same principal is true for conversion as traffic, increase your conversion rate, and increase your sales growth. A small improvement in your conversion will convert to higher revenue.
Increased Traffic + Improved Conversion Rate = An Explosion In Revenue

The beauty of mathematics is that numbers do not lie. 2 + 2 will always equal 4. The same is true for your traffic and conversion numbers. An increase in one of the two can increase sales, but an increase in both will change your business forever!

If you currently have 500 unique visitors to your website per month, and you make 5 sales per month, you have an online conversion rate of 1%. If you maintain the same conversion rate, and increase your traffic by 500 visitors, you can expect to make 10 sales per month. If you increase your visitors to 2,500 per month, you can expect to make 25 sales per month. Pretty nice improvement to your bottom line just by generating more traffic to your site.

The same holds true on your conversion rate. If you have those same 500 visitors per month, but increase your conversion rate to 3%, you can now expect 15 new clients per month. You didn’t have to increase your traffic by one visitor, yet your sales went from 5 to 15 by improving your conversion rate. What would happen with just a small increase to both your traffic and your conversion rate?

500 visitors to 1000 visitors + improvement in conversion rate from 1% to 3% equals 30 NEW CUSTOMERS PER MONTH!

By focusing on improving your traffic, and increasing your conversion rate stats, you will qualify more customers and explode your revenue month after month. Continue to increase traffic each month, while continuing to improve the conversions of your website, and you can easily see how the potential of doubling your sales over the next 6 months is very possible.

To find out a little more about what we can do for you check out our FAQ page.

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